GFAT is a research group with the aim to improve the knowledge of the atmospheric processes and the climate change by means of in-situ and remote sensing instrumentation and models. The experimental research lines are related to the atmospheric aerosols, aerosol-cloud interaction, greenhouse gases, gas and particle turbulence, air quality and surface-atmosphere energy balance. The climate variability and climate change research lines work in the analysis of causal mechanisms and sources of climate predictability along with the obtaining of climate change projections. For this end, statistical and dynamic downscaling methodologies applied to different hydrological variables such as precipitation, temperature and streamflow are used, for different regions in Europe (Iberian Peninsula) and also in other countries of the world.

Group data:

  • Start date: 01/01/1995
  • Center: Andalusian Institute for Earth System Research
  • Address: Avenue del Mediterráneo s/n, 18006, Granada Granada
  • E-mail: @email
  • @GFAT_ugr
  • Person in charge: Lucas Alados Arboledas
  • Keywords: Lidar, Solar, Ultraviolet Radiation, Radiation, Spectral, Climate, ENSO, Climate Change, Radiative Balance at Surface, Atmospheric Aerosol, Teleconnections, Climate at Iberian Peninsula, Carbon Dioxide Fluxes, Climate Predictability, Atmospheric Remote Sensing.