Research Projects

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Cloud understanding and tracking for wheather and climate (CLOUDWATCH) 2023-2026 Website
ApliCação de deep learnIng na epidemiologia Paisagística utilizando dados do DataSUS para previsão e análise espacial de dOenças endêmicas e crônicas não transmissíveis no BRAsil (CAIPORA) 2023-2025 Website
Sensoriamento Remoto Atmosfera - Validação da Missão EarthCARE 2023-2026 Website
Developments of the Generalized Retrieval of Atmospheric and Surface Properties for the synergy of different satellites and ground-based networks: Advances in atmosphere and surface characterizations 2023-2027  
Greenhouse and aerosols between atmosphere and ecosystem in drylands: remote sensing and Eddy covariance techniques 2021-2025  
Biodiversity vulnerability and climate services in Iberian alpine communities in mountain National Parks 2021-2024 Website
Multi-instrumental approach to quantify the aerosol-cloud interactions and its impact on climate (MULHACEN) 2022-2025 Website
Improving the atmospheric aerosol monitoring on a continental-scale by the synergy of passive and active remote sensing techniques (AEROMOST) 2023-2025 Website
Regionalized decadal climate prediction for the Iberian Peninsula: extreme events and user-oriented variables (PRECLIMDEX) 2022-2026 Website
Towards a comprehensive understanding of the impact of natural aerosols on clouds (NUCLEUS) 2022-2025 Website
Using ARM Data to Understand the Impact of New Particle Formation on Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentration on Different Environments 2022-2025 Website
UGR Singular Advance Technologies Laboratory. AGORA - [Andalusian] Global Observatory of the Atmosphere 2022-2027 Website
Integrated monitoring of the complex greenhouse gases and aerosol particle exchanges between atmosphere, ecosystem and vadose zone in drylands. (INTEGRATYON3) 2021-2025 Website
Solutions for Sustainable Access to Atmospheric Research Facilities ATMO ACCESS 2021-2025 Website
Exploring aerosol-cloud interaction in the atmospheric column through advanced remote sensing techniques (ELPIS ) 2021-2024 Website
Development of GRASP radiative transfer code for the retrieval of aerosol microphysics vertical profiles from space measurements and its impact in ACE mission. (GRASP-ACE) 2018-2023 Website
Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research Infrastructure Implementation Project. ( ACTRIS IMP ) 2020-2023 Website
Advances in the study of radiation scattering and absorption in non-spherical particles in support of air quality programs and remote sensing techniques (ADAPNE). 2021-2023 Website
Deciphering the role of 3D meteorology as an influencing agent on surface pollen levels (DEM3TRIOS) 2021-2023 Website
Characterization of atmospheric processes through remote sensing and simulation: applications to renewable energies, air quality and hydrological cycle   2021-2023 Website
Continuous Monitoring of Polluting Trace Gases in the Atmosphere (MOGATRACO) 2021-2023 Website
Thematic center on mountain ecosystems and remote sensing, deep learning-artificial intelligence, e-services of the University of Granada - Sierra Nevada 2019-2023 Website
Impacts of climate change on extreme precipitation events in Andalusia through high resolution regional modeling. Evaluation of land-atmosphere feedbacks. (CLIMEX) 2021-2023 Website
Regional-scale drought conditions in Andalusia: from current status to future projections. (SEQUIAN) 2020-2023 Website
Analysis and Modeling of Aerosol Impact on Clouds and Precipitation (AEROPRE) 2020-2023 Website
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